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The Burly Christmas Box

£27.00 / Coming Soon

Perfect for your Christmas Side Board!

A lovely gift box with three of our delicious, and beautifully wrapped dry sausages, a selection pack of our sliced meats and a jar of England Preserves' Pear, Ale & Date chutney.

Great as a gift, or lovely as a midweek snack.

Approximate weight: 500g
Serves 5-8 people (depending on how hungry they are)

- Three Sausages
- Mixed Selection of Sliced Cured Meats
- Jar of Pickle

Please note, the Lincoln Imp and the Answell contain Barley, as the result of being made with locally brewed beers. The Snapdragon is gluten-free. The selection pack of sliced meats is gluten-free and features a rotating trio of cured items. Possible inclusions are: Hoghton Loin, Moon's Green Chili Loin, Native Breeds' Cured Nape, and Mother's Ruin. Please see our Sausage Descriptions page for details.